About Us

Local Pro Garage Door is a locally owned and operated overhead garage door company that provides an extensive array of quality garage door installation and repair services for residential and commercial.

From inception, we have continued to deliver only the highest quality workmanship to every job we perform. Our clients testify to their complete satisfaction with our professionalism, attention to detail.
Local Pro Garage Door was founded on a few basic principles: Integrity. Honesty and Trust. These are the values we continuously aim to uphold when we work with clients.

Our relationship with clients has always been, and always will be our number one priority. Our goal is to build a lasting, personal relationship with all our clients. We believe we have done an excellent job of living up to this promise, as proven by the sheer number of clients who take the time to express their satisfaction and share their experience with us.

Why Choose Us

An Experienced Team

We are a team of professionals who have gathered experience through
many years of working experience in this business, satisfying hundreds of clients.

A Bespoke Approach

At Local Pro Garage Door, we believe that every property with its garage has a unique design and requires a unique approach.
Therefore, we always seek to understand your current garage system (if you have one)
and your property to know the best procedure that applies to your needs.

Reliable Customer Service

We strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction with a swift response.
Thus, we have set up a competent customer service team that is always ready to respond to any of your suggestions requests and inquiries.

Safe Approach

There are disturbing numbers of garage door accidents because of garage owners trying to repair their garages themselves.
By using Local Pro Garage service, you get to have a professional technician
that is trained to achieve the best results with the safety of your home in mind.

Save On Cost

You also get to save costs and avoid inferior products when you use our service.
We work only with the best tools and replacement parts.
With our service, we are able to provide and recommend only the best garage doors and replacement parts,
so you can rest assured you have a top-quality garage installation in your home.

Fast Response

The only situation worse than a faulty garage door is not being able to reach a repair to fix it in a timely manner.
Our super-responsive technicians at Local Pro Garage Door are waiting for your call, to keep you and your garage door on track at all times.

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Garage Door Installation

Remote Control Systems

repair Garage Door

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Garage Door Installation

Our installation service starts before you make a selection by visiting your premises, so we can inspect the property and the existing garage door if any.
Once we take measurements and evaluate the work area, your selection becomes much easier.
After the inspection, we will then book a convenient installation date for your garage door.

Openers & Motors

Choosing the right garage door openers and monitors play an important role in the overall operation of your garage doors.
Our professional technicians will discuss your needs and fit the right door opener and motor.
You will be confident that your system will have the right level of power, durability, and speed.

Spring & Cable Repairs

The spring systems make even the heaviest commercial garage doors easy to operate.
You may own a garage door, but without the spring system or if one (or both) springs are broken, the door won’t work, or at least work in a way that won’t be safe.
There are a few reasons why a garage door spring and cables snap. We, from Local Pro Garage Door install and repair

Garage Remotes

Based in Ann Arbor, MI, we install and provide remote control from different trusted manufacturers.
Whether you are looking for a garage door clicker, a cutting-edge conversion kit, remote control, or compact transmitter
we can provide the perfect garage automation controls for your home.

Emergency Service

We know you can experience unexpected problems with your garage door at the most inconvenient hours, sometimes in the worst weather conditions, and even during odd hours at night.
The thing is, these issues are not just inconvenient, but they tend to be very dangerous and can cause accidents. That is why we would never


Are your security garage door or garage doors broken, stuck, or just require consistent maintenance? Let us fix your issues. Our licensed technicians have all of the accessories and replacement parts to get your doors working like brand new.
Book an appointment with us at (734) 431-3543 now.